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Dortmund star Marco Reus fined €540,000 for driving without a license

2014 was not the best year in Marco Reus' life. He's missed Germany's World Cup campaign through injury, his team have fallen to the bottom of the Bundesliga and now he's been fined over half a million Euros.

Borussia Dortmund star will have to pay €540,000 (£427,000) for driving without a license. On March the 18th this year, he was apparently stopped for high speed (about 300 km/h) while driving his black Aston Martin through the streets of Dortmund. Reus showed his ID card, but said he had no driver's license at the moment. The police officer checked him and found out that Reus did not have a valid license at all.

Marco Reus

He was stopped by the cops in five occasions for exceeding the speed limit between September 2011 and March 2014. The previous penalties were not so high and he was punished with speeding tickets, but the officials never noticed that Reus didn't have a valid driver's license. All these speeding tickets and driving without license have influence on the high amount of the penalty. Now, he has to pay a €540.000 fine for all six driving offences.

Reus was fined ”90 Tagessatze” a complicated system of sliding fines used in some European countries. With the daily rate for each person determined by their income and family situation and with Reus being single, childless and wealthy, his daily rate is quite high. Barbara Vogelsang, the Dortmund prosecutor, said that the heavy fine is calculated on the basis of Reus' monthly wage, which is believed to be around 180.000 EUR. The penalty is equivalent to his average salary for three months and it's believed to be the biggest driving fine in German history.

Marco Reus

25-year-old Reus started driving at the age of 18, but never passed the license test. He commented about that:

"I decided back then to take that road, but the reasons I did it are something I cannot really understand today. Today I know that I was too naive and that it was stupid. I have learned my lesson and this will not happen again."

He is not a typical football star and his name is not involved in scandals, parties and showiness. He is grounded and satisfied with his job and said that it is the best job in the World. The German tabloid nicknamed Reus as "Rolls Reus", referring to British Car Rolls Royce, maybe because of his beauty and speed.

Reus didn't play on the last World Cup in Brazil due to an ankle injury on the last warm-up, so regret for missing chance to play in the final for the winning team. He is one of the most valuable soccer player in Germany with a price tag of €50 million according to the transfer market. He is targeted by clubs like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City and was reported that he want €230.000 a week from these clubs. Reus played only seven matches this season for Borussia Dortmund due to injury and scored three goals. His team are playing in poor form this season and currently are placed between the relegation candidates. Nevertheless, their European campaign is very successful and Borussia Dortmund secured placement in the last 16 of the Champions League. Most probably Reus will stay to the end of the season.

Interesting, the 25-year-old player has been advertising the club’s car sponsor and has also been in ads for a petrol company. His sponsorship deals are under question now, including "Hot Wheels".

To pass the driving test for sure will be in his priorities for the next year.

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