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Real Madrid are the richest club in the World

European champion Real Madrid are the Worlds richest club in the annual Football Money League published by accountants Deloitte, with a revenue of £459.5 million. The Deloitte Football Money League is a ranking of football clubs by revenue generated from football operations. It is produced annually and released at the beginning of each year. Half of the teams in the Top 10 are from the Premier League (Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool), two clubs are from Spanish Primera Division (Real Madrid and Barcelona) and three countries are represented with one club - Bayern Munich from German Bundesliga, PSG from French Ligue 1 and Juventus from Italian Serie A. Generally, the "Big Five" European leagues - England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France - are dominating this year, with just Turkey side Galatasaray making it in from outside of those five countries.

Here are the list Deloitte Money League for 2013/14 with top 30 wealthiest football clubs by revenue:

1. Real Madrid - £459.5m
2. Manchester United - £433.2m
3. Bayern Munich - £407.7m
4. Barcelona - £405.2m
5. Paris Saint-Germain - £396.5m
6. Manchester City - £346.5m
7. Chelsea - £324.4m
8. Arsenal - £300.5m
9. Liverpool - £255.8m
10. Juventus - £233.6m
11. Borussia Dortmund - £218.7m
12. AC Milan - £208.8m
13. Tottenham - £180.5m
14. Schalke 04 - £178.9m
15. Atletico Madrid - £142.1m
16. Napoli £137.8m
17. Inter Milan - £137.1m
18. Galatasaray - £135.4m
19. Newcastle United - £129.7m
20. Everton £120.5m
21. West Ham United - £105.3m
22. Aston Villa - £101.9m
23. Marseille - £100m
24. Roma - £97.7m
25. Southampton - £97.3
26. Benfica - £96.6
27. Sunderland - £95.7m
28. Hamburg - £92.2m
29. Swansea City - £90.5m
30. Stoke City - £90.1m

Deloitte's latest date which exclude player transfer fees, VAT and other sales-related taxes showed Real Madrid's dominance. Champions League winners sit at the top of the list for 10 years in a row. The World's most valuable sports team, worth €2.5 billion, during the 2009/10 season made €150 million through ticket sales, which was the highest in top-flight football. The club has the highest number of shirt sales a season, around 1.5 million.

 The Premier League is the wealthiest league with all 20 clubs among the richest 40 clubs in the World by income. As I already wrote, four of them are between the top 10. Even more, 13 of them are among top 30. Manchester United are the second richest club in the World with £433.2m despite their worst Premier League season in history. They have a commercial strategy of securing global and regional partners which delivering substantial growth. United's strong performance is expected to continue thanks to a record seven-year shirt sponsorship deal with General Motors that started this season and a 10-year agreement with Adidas from 2015/16 worth $1.14 billion. Their absence this season from European competition will be felt in next year’s Money League position. Manchester City (£346.5m), Chelsea (£324.4m), Arsenal (£300.5m) and Liverpool (£255.8m) are neighbors on this list and sit from sixth to ninth position. This is best placement for Liverpool in the last five years.

 Austin Houlihan, senior manager at Deloitte, said:

"This is testament to the huge appeal of the Premier League globally and the equality of distribution the clubs enjoy relative to their European counterparts."

Bayern Munich are the only German club between the top ten on the list. They sit on the third position with income of £407.7million. Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 are between top 20.

Barcelona have dropped from second to fourth position this year as their revenues fell to £405.2m. They lost the second position for the first time in six years. Real Madrid and Barcelona take about half the total La Liga pot of about 600 million euros between them, so they can afford top players. La Liga champions Atletico Madrid's are only 15th on the list. They earned 50 million euros from UEFA for their run to the Champions League final.

The fifth placed Paris Saint-Germain with income of £396.5million are the only French club between top 30.

Italian Serie A have four representatives of this list. The current leaders Juventus are on the 10th position with £233.6m, Napoli are on 16th position, Inter Milan are 17th and Roma are only 24th placed.