Tipster Competition Preview Lottery

Tipster Competition Preview Lottery

Apr 22, 2024 | TC Admin

Preview Lottery? WTF?

Writing previews can be a time consuming process and when luck is not on your side, it can feel like you wrote all those previews for nothing when you didn't make the prize pool!  So here at TC headquarters we wanted to think of a way of giving people who write previews more ways to win cash!

So what better way than to have a month end preview lottery, giving you yet more chances to win cash!  You may be thinking that could be unfair, as one person may have written 100 previews and one person has only written one and they both get entered into the lottery.  However, don't you worry your little cotton socks as we have that covered too!

Every preview that you win, those points will be converted into tickets, and do not fear, any previews you lose will not be taken off your tickets. This gives everyone a really good reason to write as many previews as possible, however they will only be given tickets for winning previews and any poorly written previews may be removed as per our current rules.

Here's an example

You place a 10 points bet at 2.2 getting you 12 points winnings in the preview league. Those 12 points will also be converted to lottery tickets for the month end draw.  So the more winning previews you have the more chances of being drawn out at the end.  We will update your stats page to show you how many lottery tickets you have so you can keep track of how many tickets you and everyone else has so far.

Can I only win one prize?

Absolutely not! You can win prizes in the preview league and prizes in the preview lottery in the same month!  You could even win multiple prizes in the preview lottery each month! Basically, the more tickets you have the more chance you will have of winning one of more prizes in the preview lottery each month.  As with the preview league we will pay this money to you via Skrill along with any other winnings you may have coming your way.  We are going to start the prizes as 10x £5 and we may change it to 5x £10 etc depending on feedback etc.  We will also increase the amount of previews people are allowed to write daily to cater for players that really want to up their chances of getting prizes each month.

How do I know it's fair?

I'm glad you asked :-)  Apart from the fact we have built our reputation on fair play and honesty for over 10 years since we started back with many years back, we also plan to go one step further! We have created our very own Lottery draw app and we will post the video on YouTube or the site for people to see the draw every month.

Before you get too excited, the "winners" below are just an example based on real stats for testing and they won't be getting paid any prizes, however from July on-wards the draw will be very real!

Example Only - Not Real Prizes

Tipster Winners

We hope you like our new innovation and look forward to see you racking up the lottery tickets in July in the Preview League!

TC Admin


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