Tipsters previews now AI spell checked

Tipsters previews now AI spell checked

Jun 24, 2024 | TC Admin

Here at TC HQ we are constantly looking at ways to make your life easier, as well as making the competition fairer and all round better for everybody, including for the visitors who want to read the tips.

We used to allow people to copy/paste their previews, which allowed them to write previews in a word processor and then use spelling and grammar checking to proof check them. This unfortunately had two drawbacks, one being far more serious than the other:

• Not everyone cared about spelling or grammar, so they didn’t check it.
• A small minority would just copy/paste other website’s work! Which apart from being unfair on other tipsters, was also illegal and unfair on the other websites!

Incidentally, we have now added a facility to allow people to copy/paste on a case by case basis. So if you have a proven track record here and write good original previews, you can contact us and ask for this permission back.

So, this brings us back to what this post is all about :-) We have added in cloud based AI proof reading of previews! Now… This won’t suddenly make really bad English, good, especially for how most previews are written. However, it will pick up on almost all spelling mistakes and some basic grammar rules like capitalisation and punctuation. This service is now live and enabled by default for all previews written.

If you don’t currently play at the Tipster Competition and are thinking that you don’t want to write previews to play for prizes, then never fear! It’s only our Skrill Cash Preview league that it’s currently a requirement to write previews.

Why not play in one of our bookmaker sponsored leagues like:

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Chow for now!


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