Premier League

Premier League Key Info

Tipster Competition
Paid as cash into your Skrill or Paypal account
Your preview must be well written with paragrahs and spell checked in English. It must be a minimum of 300 words and no part of it can be copied from any other site or publication. Please read our Preview Guidelines.
You are required to make at least 15 bets in the month's competition to claim a prize.
Yes. You must be in postive figures at the end of the month to claim a prize
Your bets will only be accepted up until 720 minutes before the match starts.

Premier League Prize Table


General Tipster Competition Rules

  • You must fill out your real name and country in your profile, this is required to play or claim prizes.
  • You need to fill out your External Account Id (Bottom of your profile) for the league you want to win prizes in your profile.
  • You can only write a preview on a single match once. The software should stop you posting the same preview in multiple leagues.
  • You must be over 18 to play in the competition and be in a country where gambling is not illegal.
  • You can place only one bet per event per tipster competition league.
  • You are only allowed one account per person, household, computer or mobile device.
  • Position holding - If people clearly copy bets from another tipster so they will hold their position, we will remove at least 1 winning bet from the person who was copying to make this an unprofitable strategy.
  • The maximum bet available will be scaled by the software as the odds increase
  • Every effort is made to make everything as fair as possible, however the site admin's decision is final in any dispute.
  • Odds that are clearly wrong due to a feed error or home / away teams being reversed etc. Where possible we will correct these once spotted with the correct odds. In the event the error is too complex we may just void the game and all bets on it.
  • Abuse to members or admins by any means will not be tolerated.
  • Rules and prizes can be changed at any time at the management's discretion.
  • We may choose to terminate a running competition month early without paying prizes if there is a major problem. E.g Sports feed unavailable, serious server problems, lack of sports available etc
  • We may change sponsorship at anytime, also the current rules, past conditions or prize funds may be changed without notice
  • We reserve the right to remove prizes in exceptional circumstances.
  • We may ask for proof of address and matching photo ID of any accounts we believe are suspicious, before any payment is made.

Copying, Multiple Accounts or other forms of cheating


If you are found to have copied any of your preview application from other sites, your application will be declined and no future applications will be permitted.

Writing in the leagues

If you are found to copy sentences, paragraphs or more from other sites or be using multiple accounts from the same device or household network, you have broken the rules.  You will at a minimum have all bets from every league removed for that month and have to reapply the following month if you want to take part. In the worst instances, you may be given a permanent or 3 month ban on your first offence.

If you are found to break the rules after already having had a past warning, you will have all bets removed from all leagues and get either a 3 month or most likely a permanent ban.

If in the unlikely event you are allowed a 3rd and final attempt that you abuse, it will be a loss of all bets, account(s) closed and you will never be allowed to reapply.

Opening new accounts when banned or while having other active accounts

We have VERY good automated fraud detection systems for both location, device and payment processing addresses.  Any attempt to circumvent these to get around a ban or host multiple accounts, will automatically mean you will lose all your bets and have the accounts closed.

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