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Preview writing guidelines

Good previews are one of the main reason people other than tipsters come to our site. It's important that we keep the quality above a certain level and ensure they are original and well written previews.  High quality previews will be rewarded with admin likes, which will mean the preview will earn 3x the rate of lottery tickets. This is just one of the ways we have thought of to reward high quality previews and we plan to add in more incentives in the future.

Unfortunately, at the other end of the scale, where previews contain very little useful information, are very bad English or grammar or worse still are copied, they will simply be removed without warning.

Once you have proved yourself as a tipster that regularly writes previews and doesn't copy from other sites, you can message us and ask for copy/paste to be enabled. This will allow you to write the previews in a word processor first to spell/grammar check them and copy/paste them to the bet slip.

Please find below some tips on what to do and what not to do when writing previews:

  • Write original thought out content with reasoning.
  • Use good English, good grammar/punctuation and split the content into paragraphs.
  • Write your opinion on current form, players, teams, managers etc.
  • Write a preview you would want to read.
  • Write more than the required words if it makes the preview better.
  • Don't copy any of the text from anywhere.
  • Don't use computer translators as the end results are often barely readable.
  • Don't just list recent stats with no other added value, we have the stats below the previews!
  • Don't use identical templates for every preview and change just facts.
  • Don't pad out the preview with unnecessary text.
  • Don't write a single block of text with no punctuation. Use 2 or 3 paragraphs and use punctuation.

If you can stick to the rules above you will be finding your previews regularly awarded with admin likes and 3x more lottery tickets.  Unfortunately, if your previews fall well short of the guidelines, we will remove them without notice.

Keep up the good work!

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