AaB v Midtjylland H2H

Below you will find all of the head to head matches and results played between AaB and Midtjylland

24/07/21AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga0-1
19/02/21AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga0-2
28/11/20Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga0-0
26/07/20Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga1-2
14/06/20AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga0-2
22/05/20AaB v MidtjyllandClub Friendlies0-3
03/11/19AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga0-1
04/08/19Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga1-0
18/02/19Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-1
20/07/18AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga2-1
29/04/18Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga3-0
22/04/18AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga3-3
20/11/17AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga0-1
01/10/17Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga4-1
24/06/17Midtjylland v AaBClub Friendlies1-0
05/04/17AaB v MidtjyllandLandspokal Cup2-3
13/03/17AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga1-1
16/10/16Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-0
26/05/16AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga0-0
29/02/16Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga1-1
10/08/15AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga0-2
12/04/15AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga1-2
23/11/14Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-0
26/07/14AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga2-0
05/04/14Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-3
16/03/14AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga1-0
26/08/13AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga1-1
29/04/13Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-3
05/11/12AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga1-3
17/08/12AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga3-0
04/04/12AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga1-2
20/11/11Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga1-3
01/08/11AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga1-0
30/04/11AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga2-0
13/11/10Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-2
16/08/10Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-1
02/05/10AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga3-2
14/03/10Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-0
30/08/09AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga1-0
14/05/09Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-1
23/03/09AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga3-2
20/07/08AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga1-2
13/04/08Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-0
25/11/07AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga1-0
08/08/07Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-1
24/05/07Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-1
05/04/07AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga0-2
12/08/06Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga1-0
07/05/06Midtjylland v AaBSuperliga2-4
02/10/05AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga1-1
30/07/05AaB v MidtjyllandSuperliga2-2

AaB vs Midtjylland H2H Results

In the last 20 head to head games AaB has won 2 times, Midtjylland has won 13 times and on 5 occasions it has ended in a draw.

AaB vs Midtjylland H2H Goals

The last 20 times AaB have played Midtjylland H2H there have been on average 2.2 goals scored per game. The highest scoring match had 6 goals and the lowest scoring match 0 goals. AaB have scored an average of 0.6 goals per game and Midtjylland has scored 1.6 goals per game.

AaB vs Midtjylland Over 2.5 goals

In the last 20 games between AaB vs Midtjylland, there has been over 2.5 goals in 40% of matches and under 2.5 goals 60% of the time.

AaB vs Midtjylland Over 3.5 goals

In the last 20 games between AaB vs Midtjylland, there has been over 3.5 goals in 15% of matches and under 3.5 goals 85% of the time.

AaB vs Midtjylland Over 1.5 goals

In the last 20 games between AaB vs Midtjylland, there has been over 1.5 goals in 65% of matches and under 1.5 goals 35% of the time.

AaB vs Midtjylland Over 0.5 goals

In the last 20 games between AaB vs Midtjylland, there has been over 0.5 goals in 90% of matches and under 0.5 goals 10% of the time.

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