OB v Nordsjælland H2H

Below you will find all of the head to head matches and results played between OB and Nordsjælland

28/11/21OB v NordsjællandSuperliga2-0
27/10/21Nordsjælland v OBLandspokal Cup1-4
09/08/21Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga3-1
07/02/21Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga0-2
20/09/20OB v NordsjællandSuperliga1-1
27/10/19OB v NordsjællandSuperliga3-1
16/08/19Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga2-0
19/05/19Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga2-2
19/04/19OB v NordsjællandSuperliga2-2
25/11/18Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga1-3
02/09/18OB v NordsjællandSuperliga0-0
16/02/18Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga2-1
17/07/17OB v NordsjællandSuperliga1-2
04/12/16Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga0-1
14/08/16OB v NordsjællandSuperliga3-1
12/05/16Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga0-1
13/03/16OB v NordsjællandSuperliga3-1
02/10/15Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga1-5
12/04/15Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga1-2
23/11/14OB v NordsjællandSuperliga1-0
29/09/14Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga2-1
17/04/14OB v NordsjællandSuperliga0-1
06/12/13Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga2-0
25/08/13OB v NordsjællandSuperliga1-0
10/05/13Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga4-1
05/10/12OB v NordsjællandSuperliga3-0
29/07/12Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga1-1
14/05/12Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga0-0
10/03/12OB v NordsjællandSuperliga0-1
16/07/11OB v NordsjællandSuperliga2-0
21/04/11OB v NordsjællandSuperliga1-2
01/11/10Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga1-4
11/09/10OB v NordsjællandSuperliga0-1
06/05/10OB v NordsjællandSuperliga2-1
17/10/09Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga0-2
26/09/09OB v NordsjællandSuperliga2-0
19/04/09OB v NordsjællandSuperliga3-0
23/11/08Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga1-4
06/08/08OB v NordsjællandSuperliga3-1
18/05/08OB v NordsjællandSuperliga1-1
02/12/07Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga3-3
06/08/07OB v NordsjællandSuperliga3-0
22/04/07Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga2-1
12/11/06OB v NordsjællandSuperliga0-1
20/08/06OB v NordsjællandSuperliga2-1
20/05/06OB v NordsjællandViasat Cup1-2
30/04/06Nordsjælland v OBSuperliga0-3
12/03/06OB v NordsjællandSuperliga0-0
07/08/05OB v NordsjællandSuperliga2-0

OB vs Nordsjælland H2H Results

In the last 20 head to head games OB has won 12 times, Nordsjælland has won 4 times and on 4 occasions it has ended in a draw.

OB vs Nordsjælland H2H Goals

The last 20 times OB have played Nordsjælland H2H there have been on average 2.9 goals scored per game. The highest scoring match had 6 goals and the lowest scoring match 0 goals. OB have scored an average of 1.9 goals per game and Nordsjælland has scored 1 goals per game.

OB vs Nordsjælland Over 2.5 goals

In the last 20 games between OB vs Nordsjælland, there has been over 2.5 goals in 60% of matches and under 2.5 goals 40% of the time.

OB vs Nordsjælland Over 3.5 goals

In the last 20 games between OB vs Nordsjælland, there has been over 3.5 goals in 45% of matches and under 3.5 goals 55% of the time.

OB vs Nordsjælland Over 1.5 goals

In the last 20 games between OB vs Nordsjælland, there has been over 1.5 goals in 80% of matches and under 1.5 goals 20% of the time.

OB vs Nordsjælland Over 0.5 goals

In the last 20 games between OB vs Nordsjælland, there has been over 0.5 goals in 95% of matches and under 0.5 goals 5% of the time.

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