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Afturelding v Keflavík Prediction & Preview

Betting Tip by Kenedylen

This fixture features No. 11 vs No. 7 in the league, Afturelding vs Keflavik. The hosts coming from a 1 - 2 away loss to Thor Akureyri (no. 3 in the league) and that is also their last home game. The visitors coming from a 1 - 2 away win to Fram Reykjavik (No. 6 in the league) and that is also their last away game. The Visitors should win this one as they come from playing a higher table team and won the match scoring multiple goals and conceding one then lost their last home game scoring one and conceding multiple goals facing a team coming from a loss to a team lower than the hosts on the table conceding multiple goals and scoring just one goal so a win to the visitors.

Bet Type: 1X2
Odds: 1.67
Prediction: 2
Stake: 10

Kenedylen Kenedylen Nigeria| Published 25/07/2019 08:27

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Head to Head

Date Match League Result
25/07/19 Afturelding vs Keflavík Inkasso-Deildin 1-0
17/05/19 Keflavík vs Afturelding Inkasso-Deildin 5-0
15/02/14 Keflavík vs Afturelding League Cup 3-1

Afturelding Recent Results

Date Match League Result
23/01/20 Njardvík vs Afturelding Fotbolti.Net Cup Cup B 0-4
17/01/20 Afturelding vs Selfoss Fotbolti.Net Cup Cup B 6-2
12/01/20 Víkingur Ólafsvík vs Afturelding Fotbolti.Net Cup Cup B 1-2
21/09/19 Thróttur Reykjavík vs Afturelding Inkasso-Deildin 0-0
14/09/19 Afturelding vs Víkingur Ólafsvík Inkasso-Deildin 0-1
08/09/19 Grótta vs Afturelding Inkasso-Deildin 0-5
31/08/19 Afturelding vs Njardvík Inkasso-Deildin 2-2

Keflavík Recent Results

Date Match League Result
22/01/20 Keflavík vs Haukar Fotbolti.Net Cup Cup B 5-2
15/01/20 Keflavík vs Thróttur Vogar Fotbolti.Net Cup Cup B 9-0
11/01/20 Vestri vs Keflavík Fotbolti.Net Cup Cup B 1-3
21/09/19 Keflavík vs Fjölnir Inkasso-Deildin 1-0
14/09/19 Haukar vs Keflavík Inkasso-Deildin 3-1
05/09/19 Leiknir Reykjavík vs Keflavík Inkasso-Deildin 1-0
31/08/19 Keflavík vs Thór Inkasso-Deildin 2-0
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