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PSIS Semarang Football Club

PSIS Semarang football club is based in Indonesia and was founded in the year 1932. Their home ground is Stadion Madya Magelang in the area of Magelang and has a capacity of approximately 60000. They are currently in the Liga 1 in 5th position with 6 points.

PSIS Semarang Results

14/03/20PSIS Semarang v AremaLiga 12-0
07/03/20Persela v PSIS SemarangLiga 12-3
01/03/20Persipura v PSIS SemarangLiga 12-0
21/12/19PSIS Semarang v BhayangkaraLiga 12-3
17/12/19PSIS Semarang v Madura UnitedLiga 12-3
13/12/19PSIS Semarang v Semen PadangLiga 12-0
08/12/19PSIS Semarang v AremaLiga 15-1
04/12/19Persipura v PSIS SemarangLiga 12-0
27/11/19PSIS Semarang v PSMLiga 11-0
22/11/19PS TNI v PSIS SemarangLiga 11-2
15/11/19PSIS Semarang v Bali UnitedLiga 11-0
06/11/19Persib v PSIS SemarangLiga 12-1
02/11/19PSIS Semarang v PSS SlemanLiga 13-0
26/10/19PSIS Semarang v BorneoLiga 12-2
22/10/19Barito Putera v PSIS SemarangLiga 12-0
18/10/19Persela v PSIS SemarangLiga 10-1
29/09/19PSIS Semarang v Perseru SeruiLiga 10-0
24/09/19Kalteng Putra v PSIS SemarangLiga 10-0
20/09/19PSIS Semarang v Persebaya SurabayaLiga 10-4
15/09/19Persija v PSIS SemarangLiga 12-1
11/09/19PSM v PSIS SemarangLiga 10-1
31/08/19Arema v PSIS SemarangLiga 11-1
24/08/19Madura United v PSIS SemarangLiga 13-0
20/08/19Bhayangkara v PSIS SemarangLiga 10-0
16/08/19Semen Padang v PSIS SemarangLiga 11-0
06/08/19PSIS Semarang v PersipuraLiga 11-3
02/08/19PSIS Semarang v PS TNILiga 10-2
21/07/19PSIS Semarang v PersibLiga 10-1
17/07/19PSS Sleman v PSIS SemarangLiga 11-3
10/07/19Borneo v PSIS SemarangLiga 12-0

PSIS Semarang Upcoming Games

02/10/20Barito Putera v PSIS SemarangLiga 1
10/10/20Persita v PSIS SemarangLiga 1
14/10/20PSIS Semarang v PSS SlemanLiga 1
19/10/20PSIS Semarang v Madura UnitedLiga 1
24/10/20Bali United v PSIS SemarangLiga 1
29/10/20PSIS Semarang v PSMLiga 1
02/11/20PS TNI v PSIS SemarangLiga 1
07/11/20PSIS Semarang v PersibLiga 1
11/11/20PSIS Semarang v Persiraja Banda AcehLiga 1
15/11/20Borneo v PSIS SemarangLiga 1
20/11/20PSIS Semarang v Persebaya SurabayaLiga 1
24/11/20Bhayangkara v PSIS SemarangLiga 1
28/11/20PSIS Semarang v Persik KediriLiga 1
06/12/20PSIS Semarang v PersijaLiga 1
11/12/20PSIS Semarang v PersipuraLiga 1

PSIS Semarang O/U 2.5

In PSIS Semarang's last 20 games there have been over 2.5 goals in 50% of matches and under 2.5 goals in the other 50% of matches.

PSIS Semarang O/U 3.5

In PSIS Semarang's last 20 games there have been over 3.5 goals in 30% of matches and under 3.5 goals in the other 70% of matches.

PSIS Semarang O/U 1.5

In PSIS Semarang's last 20 games there have been over 1.5 goals in 75% of matches and under 1.5 goals in the other 25% of matches.

PSIS Semarang O/U 0.5

In PSIS Semarang's last 20 games there have been over 0.5 goals in 90% of matches and under 0.5 goals in the other 10% of matches.

PSIS Semarang Goals

PSIS Semarang has managed to score an average of 1.4 goals per match in the last 20 games. PSIS Semarang has also conceded an average of 1.3 goals per match in the same period. The most goals PSIS Semarang has scored in a match is 5 with the least goals being 0

PSIS Semarang Home Stats

Whilst playing at home, PSIS Semarang has won a total of 6 matches, lost a total of 3 and drawn 2 out of the last 11 fixtures.

PSIS Semarang Away Stats

Whilst playing away, PSIS Semarang has won a total of 3 matches, lost a total of 5 and drawn 1 out of the last 9 fixtures.

Indonesia Indonesia Liga 1 - 2020

2Bali United32105237DWW
5PSIS Semarang32015416LWW
7Persiraja Banda Aceh31201015DDW
8Madura United31115324WDL
10PS TNI31113304LDW
13Persik Kediri302123-12DDL
15Persebaya Surabaya201145-11DL
16PSS Sleman301224-21LDL
17Barito Putera301227-51LLD

PSIS Semarang Stadium Location - Stadion Madya Magelang

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