Hertha Zehlendorf Football Club

Hertha Zehlendorf football club is based in Germany and was founded in the year 1903. Their home ground is Ernst-Reuter-Sportfeld in the area of Berlin and has a capacity of approximately 4500.

Hertha Zehlendorf Results

19/03/23Hertha Zehlendorf v RSV EintrachtOberliga: Nordost-Nord3-1
12/03/23Staaken v Hertha ZehlendorfOberliga: Nordost-Nord2-2
05/03/23Hertha Zehlendorf v CFC HerthaOberliga: Nordost-Nord1-1
25/02/23Mecklenburg Schwerin v Hertha ZehlendorfOberliga: Nordost-Nord2-2
19/02/23Hertha Zehlendorf v Hansa Rostock IIOberliga: Nordost-Nord0-4
12/02/23Eintracht Mahlsdorf v Hertha ZehlendorfOberliga: Nordost-Nord0-4
08/02/23Hertha Zehlendorf v SV Blau-WeiY 90 BerlinOberliga: Nordost-Nord2-1
05/02/23Hertha Zehlendorf v NeustrelitzOberliga: Nordost-Nord2-0
27/01/23Union Fürstenwalde v Hertha ZehlendorfOberliga: Nordost-Nord2-1
21/01/23Pampow v Hertha ZehlendorfOberliga: Nordost-Nord2-2

Hertha Zehlendorf Upcoming Games

01/04/23Dynamo Schwerin v Hertha ZehlendorfOberliga: Nordost-Nord
16/04/23Hertha Zehlendorf v Tasmania BerlinOberliga: Nordost-Nord
23/04/23FSV Optik Rathenow v Hertha ZehlendorfOberliga: Nordost-Nord
30/04/23Hertha Zehlendorf v MakkabiOberliga: Nordost-Nord
07/05/23MSV 1919 Neuruppin v Hertha ZehlendorfOberliga: Nordost-Nord
14/05/23Hertha Zehlendorf v FC FrankfurtOberliga: Nordost-Nord
21/05/23Rostocker FC v Hertha ZehlendorfOberliga: Nordost-Nord
04/06/23Hertha Zehlendorf v PampowOberliga: Nordost-Nord
11/06/23SV Blau-WeiY 90 Berlin v Hertha ZehlendorfOberliga: Nordost-Nord

Hertha Zehlendorf Tips

Hertha Zehlendorf Over 2.5 goals

In Hertha Zehlendorf's last 20 games there have been over 2.5 goals in 70% of matches and under 2.5 goals in the other 30% of matches.

Hertha Zehlendorf Over 3.5 goals

In Hertha Zehlendorf's last 20 games there have been over 3.5 goals in 45% of matches and under 3.5 goals in the other 55% of matches.

Hertha Zehlendorf Over 1.5 goals

In Hertha Zehlendorf's last 20 games there have been over 1.5 goals in 95% of matches and under 1.5 goals in the other 5% of matches.

Hertha Zehlendorf Over 0.5 goals

In Hertha Zehlendorf's last 20 games there have been over 0.5 goals in 100% of matches and under 0.5 goals in the other 0% of matches.

Hertha Zehlendorf Goals

Hertha Zehlendorf has managed to score an average of 2 goals per match in the last 20 games. Hertha Zehlendorf has also conceded an average of 1.3 goals per match in the same period. The most goals Hertha Zehlendorf has scored in a match is 5 with the least goals being 0

Hertha Zehlendorf Home Results

Whilst playing at home, Hertha Zehlendorf has won a total of 4 matches, lost a total of 4 and drawn 3 out of the last 11 fixtures.

Hertha Zehlendorf Away Results

Whilst playing away, Hertha Zehlendorf has won a total of 5 matches, lost a total of 1 and drawn 3 out of the last 9 fixtures.

Germany Germany Oberliga: Nordost-Nord - Nordost-Nord - 2022/2023

1Hansa Rostock II24183367234457WWWWW
2Hertha Zehlendorf25146553272648WDDDL
3Rostocker FC23143653252845LLWWL
5CFC Hertha24125739271241DWDWL
6RSV Eintracht249963837136LDWWW
7Eintracht Mahlsdorf2581163538-335WLWDD
8Union Fürstenwalde2581073341-834WLWDL
9Dynamo Schwerin239683338-533WDWWL
10SV Blau-WeiY 90 Berlin2595114146-532LLLLD
11Tasmania Berlin2494113539-431WWWWW
13FSV Optik Rathenow2174102936-725WLWLW
14MSV 1919 Neuruppin2366113135-424DLLLD
15FC Frankfurt2573153351-1824LLLLW
16Mecklenburg Schwerin2463153265-3321LLDDW

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