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Tipster Competition Rules

Tipster Competition Main League 

Any one is welcome to pay this league for free but if you would like prizes from our sponsors you will require a free SLBet & OhmBet account.

Important: You must have made a deposit of at least €10 by the 20th of the month you want to claim prizes in.  If you only make a deposit at one bookmaker you will just be paid their share of the prize.  To claim prizes from both bookmakers you will have to have deposited at least €10 at each by the 20th of the month you win in.

The following prizes will be paid into your SLBet & OhmBet account.

Position SLBet OhmBet Total
1 €150 €150 €300
2 €80 €80 €160
3 €50 €50 €100
4 €40 €40 €80
5 €35 €35 €70
6 €35 €35 €70
7 €30 €30 €60
8 €30 €30 €60
9 €25 €25 €50
10 €25 €25 €50

Tipster Competition Preview League 

To play in this league, you just need to pick an event you are knowledgable on and write a preview when you place your bet.  The bet must be well explained in English in a way that will help others understand why you placed this bet. It's very important that the preview is not copied from anywhere, any previews that are copied or not of good quality will simple be removed. We highly recommend you type the preview in a word processor first and then use an English spell checker before you paste it into the bet slip.

All your preview bets will also count towards the main league results,  potentially allowing you to win prizes from both leagues!  You will need to place at least 10 or more previews of at least 150 words in the preview league to qualify for prize money.

You can also get an extra 25% prize money for sharing at least 50% of your preview bets on your busiest social media channels. We will require you to send in all links at the end of the month before the prize money is paid with the bonus.

You can also get  a permenant extra 10% prize money for creating a Pinnacle Sports Account through our links and depositing. Your username can be added to your profile details.

Position Skrill Cash
1 £100
2 £60
3 £30
4 £15
5 £10
6 £10

Tipster Competition General Rules

  • You must fill out your real name and country in your profile, this is required to win prizes.
  • You must be over 18 to play in the competition and be in a country where gambling is not illegal.
  • You can place only one bet per event.
  • You are only allowed one TipsterCompetition.eu account per person, household, computer or mobile device.
  • Max 15 bets per calendar day - this is limited for you by the software.
  • The maximum bet available will be scaled by the software as the odds increase
  • Every effort is made to make everything as fair as possible, however the site admin's decision is final in any dispute.
  • Abuse to members or staff via the shout box, forum or by any other means will not be tolerated.
  • We may ask for proof of address and matching photo ID of any accounts we believe are suspicious, before any payment is made.
  • You can only join the competition once and multiple automated methods and ID checks will spot offenders. You will be banned and not eligible for any prize money if you attempt to cheat.
  • We reserve the right to remove prizes in exceptional circumstances.
  • Rules and prizes can be changed at any time at the management's discretion
  • We may change sponsorship at anytime, also the current rules, past conditions or prize funds may be changed without notice

Tipster Competition Main League Details

  • If you don't have them already, please sign up for a free SLBet & OhmBet account and fill in the details in your Profile so we can pay you your winnings.
  • You must have made a deposit of at least €10by the 20th of the month at each bookmaker you want to claim prizes from.  If you want prizes from all four bookmakers you must deposit at least €10 at all four by the 20th of the month. If you don't want to register/deposit at all sponsors you can still claim the prize offered by the ones you have deposited at.
  • Each bookmaker will check the account for a deposit before the 20th before they pay the prizes. There are no excuses, if you haven't done this you will not get the prize. Deposits after the 20th do not count towards that months prize. 
  • We expect you to rollover your deposit at least once at odds over 1.5 before you withdraw if you are playing for prizes. People attempting to deposit and withdraw without placing any bets will not qualify for prizes and bookmakers may even close accounts, as it costs them money for the transactions.
  • If you do not recieve a email when you sign up at SLBet, please contact them on info@slbet.com  and they will activate your account. This is because sometimes their automated emails get blocked by a few free email providers.
  • If you cannot join one of the sponsors because of country conditions, you may still play for prizes with the sponsors you do have a valid account with.
  • Existing SLBet & OhmBet customers qualify for prizes as long as they follow the deposit rule.
  • You must place at least 20 bets per month to qualify for prize money.

Tipster Competition Preview League Details

  • Previews must be 150 words or more and not copied.
  • Previews must be well written in English with minimal spelling or grammar mistakes. Use paragraphs, as it breaks up the text and makes it easier to read.
  • Previews must be written at least 3 hours before the event starts.
  • Any previews that do not reach these quality guidelines will be removed. Your bet will still stand but it will no longer be a preview bet.
  • If a player continually writes bad previews or is caught copying previews from elsewhere, we will disable their access to write previews.
  • If you are writing previews on another site or competition, they cannot be re-used here, that will be classed as a copied preview.
  • You must write at least 10 previews per month to qualify for the prize cash.
  • You must be in profit at the end of the month to qualify for prizes.
  • You can get a permanent 10% bonus to cash prizes by creating a Pinnacle Sports Account, depositing then adding your username to your profile. The account needs to be created through our links and will be checked.
  • You can get a 25% bonus to your prize cash by sharing at least 50% of your previews on active social media channels, the list of URL's will be required by the end of the month. You must share the actual page with the bet and these preview. You can find these pages by clicking the links in your history. If we do not recieve these by the time we pay the prizes, you will not get the bonus.
  • The bonuses don't stack as each is added, so if you qualified for the 10% & 25% bonus and you won 1st place, you would win £100 + £15 + £25 = £140 

Country Limitations & Roll Over Requirements

If for any reason you have not recieved your prize and it is less than two weeks since the winners were annouced, please just wait!  DO NOT email/call our sponsors asking where the prize is, as it is wasting their time!

If you believe other people have been paid and you have not, please make a request in the ShoutBox or Email us via the contact form!


Accounts are currently not available to UK or Greece.

Prizes must be rolled over 10x at odds over 2.0 before they can be withdrawn.


Accounts not allowed from USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Portugal.

Prizes must be rolled over 10x at odds over 1.80 before they can be withdrawn.

How to play the Tipster Competition

a) First step is to Open a member account at Tipstercompetition.com
After registration, which takes no more than 1 minute, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to e-mail address you specified while registering. Click on the verification link in that e-mail and you will be taken to the tipster competition site. After verification, you can log in to our site.

When logged in, on the top right of the site (Top center on mobile devices), you will see the Tipster Competition Control Panel and under this is  "Place Bets". Click on the link and you will see a list of sports available; chose the sport you want and choice of leagues will be displayed. When you chose a league the events and odds will be displayed; to place a bet, click on odds of your choice and a new screen will open where you can choose your stake and recommend a bookie for this bet.

b) Calculation of the points, winnings and losses.

  • You don't have any bankroll or amount of virtual money allocated to your account; you can place any number of bets (Up to daily limit) on any amount you like between 1 and 10 units.
  • Profit/loss calculation example: You placed a bet on 2.00 odds with 10 units as stake. Your bet won; 2.00x10=20-10 units stake = 10 units profit. This example shows that stake is always deducted from your winnings, meaning your statistics are showing only PURE PROFIT.
  • If you lose your bet, full stake amount is deducted from your account
  • This system allows you to make unlimited profit, but also unlimited loss without any consequences to your account. Each tipster starts new month with 0 profit and 0 loss.
  • The Maximum number of bets that you can place in any 24 hrs period is 15. This rule exists to avoid massive betting on high odds - we want real, high quality tips from our players, not a guessing game.
  • Ice Hockey Over/Under bets are calculated on the basis of regular time only - 60 minutes - ET and penalties do not count if bet type is Total Goals - 60 minutes. If bet type is Total Goals - Match then ET and penalties goals are calculated. Bets can be placed on 3/3 result (1-X-2) and full time result including extra time and penalties (1-2). All Hockey Over/Under games to be placed and calculated as displayed.calculated as displayed.

Good Luck!