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Sadly.... we have been forced to close as our feed suppliers stopped our access to the feed. This stops us getting any new events and odds, as well as being able to close the current results.

This happened in the first 1/3 of the month and as such we are declaring this month void.


Quite simply, people are happy to play for prizes and win money, but no one was signing up and supporting the bookmaker who gave us the feed.  Running a site like this takes a huge amount of time and effort as well as a fair bit of money each month.  We have been making a financial loss each month for a long while, yet have consistently invested time and effort in new ideas and features.

If you choose not to support free sites by signing up and spending money with their sponsors and helping them survive, eventually there will be only a couple of big sites left.


We are looking at potential options for PAID feeds. This will not only make our costs even higher, but will also require a complete rewrite of the site and software, taking a LOT of time and effort.


We'd like to thank all the players that have supported us over the many years we have been active. Hopefully, we can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes, but this may take some time.


Why PinnacleSports?

Pinnacle Sports is widely regarded as the best bookmaker for people that are truly serious about making money from gambling.  There are a few good reasons for this, but the most important two are that their odds are normally the best you can find anywhere and they never ban players who are long term winners!

But where is the PinnacleSport Bonus?

Pinnacle don't need to bother with bonuses as they mostly attract serious punters  that are in it for the long term profit and not just to turn over a bonus and leave.  You can read more about why there is no Pinnacle Sports Bonus here.

Should I open an account?

If you are serious about making money from gambling, you either already have a Pinnacle Sports account or you are thinking about opening one! So YES! We suggest you open one ASAP.

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